Spurring on violence by standing on the sidelines

Spurring on violence by standing on the sidelines

He threatened to hit her. He even took a swing at her. And yet some still some find ways to justify his inexcusable actions. 


It was assault and charges should be laid!


It's Human Rights Day, but still the rights of our people continue to be trampled on by those who believe they are the rightful owners of the land. 


My jaw dropped in horror, as I watched a violent white man attempt to hit a black woman in front of her children. 


Anger washes over me every time I watch the video, with the anger barely subsiding even after watching it for the umpteenth time.  


I'm horrified by the actions of an adult man. A man who topples tables with such aggression, tables where little children sit eating. 


Some might ask why such behaviour still comes as a surprise, when such violence towards women rears its head on a daily basis. 


It's infuriating to see a black woman scolded at like a child, by a white man who likely believes his actions are justified.


He is nothing but an angry, entitled man. I've seen how threatened white men feel by black women who challenge them - and this video shows that. 


Some bigot male on the internet says this man was polite in his initial engagement with the woman. 


There was NOTHING polite about the way in which he addressed her. He came at her, pointing his fingers in her face, screaming aggressively. His inexcusable actions cannot and should not be justified.


When she says she will not allow him to bully her, he responds by saying: "Ek sal jou 'n p**s klap gee." Really? 


If he was my husband, and thank God he's not, I would have jumped in front of the woman and defended her against him. 


In the video everyone calls for the woman to calm down, but few are heard asking the man to desist from being outrageously violent.


Why do we still walk on eggshells when it comes to addressing the white man? 

WARNING: Video contains offensive language and is not for sensitive viewers.


In the video only one guy really attempts to stop the man from hitting the woman. One man in a restaurant full of patrons and staff. 


My heart breaks for the woman and especially the children. The little ones played no part in the spat, but were forced to witness it all.


The video is three minutes long and there is no sign of management even attempting to address the issue. Staff instead stood by, watching. 


Violence against women is enabled when people stand on the sidelines and remain silent. 


It will continue to flourish if we do not stand up for ourselves and if we do not stand together. 


Desmond Tutu says: "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." 


There is no justifiable reason that could ever explain this man's violent assault. 


Never should a woman feel threatened by such toxic masculinity.


This man must be named and shamed - violent aggressors should not be protected!

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