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'Ntombi' the rhino calf playing in the veld

This is why we fight the war against rhino poaching!


This is why we are fighting this war against rhino poaching.

There are some things that can always make you happy: the smell of warm croissants, a good song, or the sight of a little animal scampering happily through the grass always does it for me. It’s just not often that the little animal is a rhino calf. If you’re in need of an instant boost, please take a minute and a half to watch this video: it will make your day.



Ntombi was injured and orphaned when rhino poachers killed her mother in January (read the sad story here) but she’s been nursed back to health at the Rhino Orphan Response Project, part of the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

“Frolic” isn’t a word we usually associate with rhinos, but there doesn’t really seem to be a synonym for what this little rhino is doing: running around just for the fun of it.


Watch the video -




You can help us fight the war against rhino poaching, sms Rhino, and guess how many steps it took Arod to climb Mt. Kilimanajaro to 38580 (R10 per sms), and win amazing Jenna Clifford Jewelry and a 5 star luxury weekend away at Sabi Sands to the value of R36 800.00 Your R10 joins the total of over R1.5million raised for rhino so far with the 'MBD - Let's Give Kili Horns' campaign.

Thanks to blog.getaway for the clip

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