LISTEN | Checo should’ve gotten a penalty: ‘Track This’ panelist

LISTEN | Checo should’ve gotten a penalty: ‘Track This’ panelist

Silverstone provided great wheel to wheel racing but Sergio “Checo” Perez bent the rules a little too far.  The Track This podcast team weigh in...

Checo should’ve gotten a penalty: ‘Track This’ panelist

Sergio “Checo” Perez deserved the drive of the day accolade this past weekend, with a sterling drive that ended in a second-place finish. After the safety car restart, we saw some great wheel to wheel racing, but did Checo bend the rules a little too far?

Avon Middleton - motorsport analyst, Track This podcast panelist and TopGear SA Director - thinks he deserved a five second penalty: “I don’t think it was dangerous driving but according to the rules he should’ve gotten a penalty”

However, fellow Track This panelist, and racing driver Tschops Sipuka has a different view: “It’s fine as long as there is no blood drawn. It’s fine, they can just nudge a little bit and take each other out a little bit, not so terribly that the other guy is disadvantaged terribly.”

Do you think the Checo deserves a penalty? Take a listen to the full podcast below and let the team know on their social media channels.

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