LISTEN | Penalties in F1 qualifying ‘extremely controversial’

LISTEN | Penalties in F1 qualifying ‘extremely controversial’

In qualifying, yellow and red flags have become a more common occurrence in F1. The Track This podcast panel think this could cause more harm than good.

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Over the 2022 F1 season, yellow and red flags in qualifying have become more common with concern over whether drivers are making mistakes on purpose to benefit themselves or their teammates.  The current proposal is that penalties be issued to drivers causing these disruptions.

Track This panelist and racing driver Tschops Sipuka isn't a fan: “You need to look at the circuits in which it comes from, it's mostly street circuits where it's much tighter. It’s silly, it’s not even worth thinking about it.”

Avon Middleton, motorsport analyst and TopGear SA Director weighs in on the incident in Baku: “Alonso’s incident seemed quite deliberate to me. But personally, I think it would infuriate some drivers more, I personally don’t think it’s fair.”

Should penalties be issued to careless drivers? Take a listen to the full podcast, hosted by Kriya Gangiah, below and let the team know your opinion on their social media channels.

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