Red Bull cost cap could revoke Verstappen’s championship

Red Bull cost cap could revoke Verstappen’s championship

The FIA is this week set to provide more clarity on whether any team has broken the Formula 1 cost cap rules in 2021. #TheTrackThis team discusses the ramifications if a team is guilty of breaching them.

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In 2021 the FIA created an F1 cost cap of $145 million USD per team, designed to keep the spending of teams under control and increase the competitiveness of the field. 

After an auditing process done by the FIA Cost Cap Administration (CCA) panel, speculation has been rife over whether Red Bull has gone over the cost cap limit during the 2021 season. If this is found true, there could be a series repercussions

The Track This panel understands that rules must be adhered to, Avon Middleton, Motorsport analyst, and TopGear SA Director says “according to the rules if you are in breach of the agreement, there are a number of punishments the teams have to take, one of which is the docking of championship points.”

Tschops Sipuka, race car driver and Track This panelist is unsure on how the penalty will be implemented, “I don’t see how they can just retract points and then just expect the championship to move.”

“This is of course all speculation, and we will have to see what the FIA says this week,” explained Track This host Kriya Gangiah. 

If Red Bull is found guilty, do you think they should revoke his championship? Take a listen to the full podcast and let us know on our social media channels.

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