Dominique takes on the 12 Week Nimue challenge

Dominique takes on the 12 Week Nimue challenge

Flawless skin doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by appointment.

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Trust the leader in scientific skincare to deliver these transformative results.

Nimue’s 12 Week Challenge packages are tailored to treat different skin concerns and are a combination of homecare products and professional treatments.

 Dominique is currently part of Nimue's 12 week Challenge - she sent us a message to tell us more about her experience:

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I have taken on the 12 Week Nimue challenge! FOUNDATION FREE! I am in my ninth week! 

I am so impressed with this product. In my first week I could see a huge difference in my skin already. The treatments that I have gone for have been absolutely AMAZING and relaxing! 

What I have loved the most about this challenge is by not wearing foundation. I never thought that I’d ever be able to cut foundation out of my everyday routine. And I proved my self wrong. I wake up every morning and my face is feeling fresh. You’ll never understand how great it feels until you have tried it for yourself. 

I will never be able to live without Nimue! I can’t BELIEVE how much confidence I have gained, just by not wearing foundation. 

My natural beauty is DEFINITELY shining brighter than ever before!

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