How to take the Nimue 12 Week Challenge

How to take the Nimue 12 Week Challenge

Flawless skin doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by appointment.

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Trust the leader in scientific skincare to deliver these transformative results.

Nimue’s 12 Week Challenge packages are tailored to treat different skin concerns and are a combination of homecare products and professional treatments.

Here is how you take up the challenge:

  1. Go for a skin analysis at your nearest participating salon
  2. Purchase the 12 Week Challenge package designed for your skin classification
  3. Use the products as per the instructions in your 12 Week Challenge homecare kit
  4. Book your professional treatments at the recommended intervals with your therapist
  5. Leave your foundation at home and reveal your renewed complexion to the world   

Visit for more details on how take-up challenge or click here.

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