Flawless skin is all the makeup you need

Flawless skin is all the makeup you need

Nimue is revolutionising the skincare game and want you to be in on the action. 

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Nimue is encouraging all women to take the Nimue 12 Week Challenge so you can ditch your foundation in week 13.

Elana Afrika and four listeners are also taking the 12 Week Challenge. Tune into Elana’s show to follow their journeys.

What makes Nimue so confident about its Foundation Free Promise?

Nimue is unique in the way it works on the skin, not just ON the skin.

Nimue’s smart delivery system technology ensures high performance active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin where they are needed the most, giving you transformational results.

For more information visit - https://nimueskin.com/12weekchallenge/

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