Social Media Shaming - The New Harmful Parenting Trend

Social Media Shaming - The New Harmful Parenting Trend

The latest trend in parenting that publicly embarrasses children online


With corporal punishment banned (with good reason) and an increase in the disrespect children show towards their parents and other adults, a new method of punishing children has emerged: Social Media Shaming.


Parents across the world have taken to social media, the life blood of the Millennial's existance, to publicly shame their children in a bid to discipline them. There is little that is more important to a teenager than their reputation and their social media following.It seems that children today care very little for what their parents think and everything is defined by what their peers think.


However, this new parenting method is growing in controversy with Psychologists classifying it as emotional abuse.

Some parents advocate this embarrassment method as the most effective in discipling their children and others agree with Psychologists viewing it as no different to emotional abuse.



Child Shaming videos such as these have received millions of views


Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen


Mother's Facebook video shaming daughter for racy pictures


Viral video teaches teen a lesson about playing hooky


Earlier this year a Father posted this video online shaming his 13 year old daughter for getting "messed up".

Days later she committed suicide jumping off an overpass in her hometown.



After watching these videos, seeing how the children reacted and the effect these shaming videos have had on them; what stance do you take as a parent and the methods you use to discipline your children? 

It is important to always consider how the actions of parents permamently affect children; remembering that they learn and mirror the parent's behaviour.



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