Amor Vittone shares heartfelt message for women

Amor Vittone shares heartfelt message for women

Amor Vittone has had a rough year thus far but she remains strong throughout it all!

Amor Vittonne and kids

South Africa is a country that is filled with many incredible women. 

With many leaders, influential individuals having stemmed from the country, we can all be proud of the women that have made a mark and influenced our lives one way or another. 

As we celebrate women and how much they mean to us on this 'Women's Day', it's only fitting that we share words of wisdom to inspire and nurture the future generations of this country. 

Earlier this year we were joined by Amor Vittone. Having been in one of the most high profile relationships in the country, constantly in the public eye and currently in a public court battle, Vittone has had her fair share of scrutiny. However, she has stood tall and empowered through it all.

Vittone also shared a touching message to all the mothers. She states that it is important to take some time out as a mother and to strive to do what makes you happy. 

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