Awkward moment local attorney schools traffic officer

Awkward moment local attorney schools traffic officer

This is just another classic verbal battle between a cop and a lawyer...


Most of us have been pulled over by a cop at least once in our lives. 

It's never fun and it's somewhat nerve-wrecking, especially when you know you are in the wrong. With the economy as it is, forking out a few extra rands for a fine is the last thing we would want.

A video has emerged showing an attorney schooling a traffic officer after being pulled over. In the video you can hear the man in the car saying: "Do I have your file with your training certificate? I’ve not seen your training certificate…”

When the officer tried to get away with the 'my certificate is in another car' line, the attorney hits back commenting “no sir, in terms of the law you are supposed to have it with you, you know very well!”

After some back and forth between the men, the man states that he is taking his licence and leaving.

Watch the exchange between the two men below:

Do you think this man took advantage of the law to get out of trouble? 

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