Can you correctly pronounce Echbert Boezak's name?

Can you correctly pronounce Echbert Boezak's name?

Is there a particular name that you struggle with to pronounce? #JacaBreakfast's Echbert Boezak has had his fair share of that...

image echbert boezak's name pronounciation

If there is one thing that we have all struggled with at least once in our lives, it has to be the pronunciation of certain words.

Being in South Africa, a country with 11 different speaking languages, it's completely understandable when someone mispronounces a word or someone's name.

Usually, it's never intentional, but some do take offence when their name is mispronounced. 

If there one name many seem to mispronounce, it's 'Echbert Boezak'. 

We couldn't hold back the laughter after hearing how some listeners pronounce his name.

Echbert thought you all needed to know how to correctly pronounce his name... 

What word or name do you always struggle with pronouncing? 

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