Confession Session: Have you ever returned a gift?

Confession Session: Have you ever returned a gift?

Have you ever received a gift for Christmas or a birthday and it was totally NOT what you were expecting?

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There's probably nothing more disappointing than unwrapping a gift from under the Christmas tree or on your birthday and it's something you do not want, right?

We are sure that many of you have been in this situation, but how far are you willing to go to get what you really want? 

After Breakfast Show newsreader Gerda De Sousa shared the story of receiving a gift for Christmas from her husband that she did not want - even after informing him of the ring she wanted, many took to the Whatsapp line to share their stories. 

More so, De Sousa returned the gift and exchanged it for the ring she wanted. You go, girl!

Even though it might hurt the feelings of the person who gave you the gift, we still seem to do it. 

If you've ever returned a gift, you'll feel a lot better to know that you're not alone... 

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