Dentist shares stories from the chair with Breakfast Show

Dentist shares stories from the chair with Breakfast Show

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake got the inside scoop on some of the most-bizarre events that take place in a dentist's chair.

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Have you ever wondered what goes down in a dentist's chair? 

You are sitting patiently, waiting to see your local dentist, but all you can hear is the sound of drilling and some chipping. That is enough to make anyone squirm in their seat! 

We have all been in this situation, and even if you're a fan of visiting the dentist, there's always at least a slight concern as to how much pain you might experience and what you will be subjected to.

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From rotten teeth and bad breath to major cosmetic surgeries, dentists and orthodontists have seen it all. 

Martin and Tumi spoke to Dr Carmen Wilsenach, a dentist from The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium in Bryanston, who shared some interesting stories from the dentist's chair. 

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist? 

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