Elvis Blue's latest video star is a dog called 'Werner'!

Elvis Blue's latest video star is a dog called 'Werner'!

Popular South African musician Elvis Blue joined the #JacaBreakfast Team and dished on his latest single and adorable music video!

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Could this video be any more adorable?! 

We have all seen the massive amounts of dog videos on the internet, but have you ever seen a bunch of pooches be the stars of a music video?

Elvis Blue's latest single and music video is barking up the right tree!

The video sees 'Werner', a Boston Terrier, going through his daily activities such as waking up, getting ready for work, but there is a twist.

Elvis Blue commented: "I am the only human in the video." 

Take a listen to how the video came about when he spoke to Martin and Tumi.

Watch the incredibly creative video below:

What do you think of Elvis Blue's latest video? 

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