Goodluck take us to 'The Open Sea' on #FridayLive

GoodLuck take us to 'The Open Sea' on #FridayLive

Top SA act GoodLuck kicked off our Friday with some of their biggest tracks!

Image goodluck in studio with tumi and martin

It may be gloomy outside, but GoodLuck definitely warmed things up as they took over #FridayLive. 

GoodLuck have become one of the country's most successful acts. Over the last few years they have not only dominated radio airplay across many stations, but they are one of the best acts to see live. 

Killer vocals, smooth beats and an electric performance make them one act you need to see live! 

Luckily, they joined Martin and Tumi for #FridayLive and kick-started the weekend for us all! 

They also performed their hit, 'I've Been Thinking About You'.

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