Help save the rhinos with Rhino Connect

Help save the rhinos with Rhino Connect

What if you were given the opportunity to help save South Africa’s rhino population? 

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Well, that privilege is at the tip of your fingertips.

The #JacaBreakfast team headed out to a secret location and joined the Rhino Connect team to launch something very exciting!

The rhino population has been under tremendous threat over the last few years and ever since 2008, state owned and national parks have fallen victim to the poaching of rhino.

However, privately owned rhinos that are protected in the private sector play an important part in not only the protection of the rhino population, but also breeding.

The private sector invests enormous amounts in the protection and breeding of rhino, which at the end will proof to save the species for generations to come.  The cost of protecting small populations of rhinos is colossal and in some cases, can discourage landowners from having rhinos on their land. 

However, you can now play a part and help make a difference and support Rhino Connect with the ‘Rhino Connect APP’.

What is the ‘Rhino Connect APP’?

The Rhino Connect APP is the first of its kind in the world and an information hub about rhino matters which you will not be able to find anywhere else. The APP will allow you to connect to the world with local wildlife and their habitats.

Rhino Connect, TWK Agri and Animal Sure have negotiated a market first whereby you can assist the farmers to insure their rhinos against poaching or death by natural causes. With that being said, it will allow you to contribute to rhino conservation while at the same time knowing what exactly their contribution will be used for.

You as a member of the public can invest in your own rhino for only R1,000 per year.

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The premium will cover the rhino against poaching, death by natural causes as well as other expenses such as medical treatment which could be very costly.

  • A percentage of your contribution will also assist the farmer with monthly expenses such as food and security measures.
  • A portion of your contribution will be returned to you at the end of 12 months in case of no claims filed.
  • Should the rhino die from a poaching incident or natural causes, you will also receive a pay-out.
  • More so, you will receive a free subscription to the ‘Rhino Connect APP’ and receive exclusive information and updates on your own rhino.

The APP is available for download for Android on the Google Play Store and the App Store for Apple users.

We urge you all to get behind this incredible initiative and help protect the rhino population with a personal touch. 

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