Is this how Martin and Tumi leave the studio?

Is this how Martin and Tumi leave the studio?

Martin and Tumi are always getting up to something...

image martin and tumi piggyback

Are you strong enough to piggyback someone? 

Faf du Plessis picked up an injury during South Africa's third ODI against Bangladesh on Sunday. Du Plessis injured his lower back and was down on the ground after taking a run.

Due to the injury, he needed a piggyback from David Muller in order to get off the field.

We realised that you need to be super strong in order to give a piggyback to someone. You probably remember having to give someone a ride on your back way back when you were a lot younger, but how about now? 

Tumi was on a mission to see if she could piggyback Martin out of the studio, and let's just say that we were impressed

It seems like all that Bio-Strath is really paying off, Tumi... 

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