How would Vusi Thembekwayo spend R100,000?

How would Vusi Thembekwayo spend R100,000?

Martin Bester and Tumi Morake's R100,000 Secret Sound is the talk of the town, but how would you spend it?

image vusi thembekwayo with martin and tumi

Venture capitalist and entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo definitely knows what he would do with it. 

Charming, humourous, and a presence that commands attention - this is one gentleman who when he talks, you stop dead in your tracks and listen. 

More so, he is a man who knows how to spend his money. 

Breakfast Show hosts Martin and Tumi challenged Thembekwayo with the task of spending their R100,000 secret sound.

Take a listen:

Vusi's path on the road to changing lives started at the age of 17 when he was ranked first in Africa for motivational speaking. 

At 25 he ran a R400-million division in a R17-billion multi-national company. Today he is one of the youngest directors of a listed company and is the CEO of a boutique investment and advisory firm that forces medium, large, and listed businesses into much needed, often painful, always lucrative, new directions. He also serves on several boards.

He shared a few very important tips for those of you who are wanting to start your own business. 

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