#JacaBreakfast listeners share devastating storm photos

#JacaBreakfast listeners share devastating storm photos

Many were affected by the powerful storm that hit certain parts of Gauteng on Monday.

storm image 4 destruction

A severe storm made its way across Gauteng on Monday and destroyed many homes and roads in its path. 

Residents in certain areas of Gauteng were hit hard by the storm and many are now facing the aftermath and damage caused by the heavy rain and winds. 

Certain roads were flooded and many motorists were left stranded. They also struggled to pass through the high water.

Listeners shared with Martin Bester and Tumi Morake a few photos of the destruction caused by the storm. 

storm image 1 destruction

storm image 2 destruction

storm image 3 destruction

storm image 5 destruction

storm image 7 destruction

Many also took to social media to share their experiences:

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