#JacaBreakfast listeners weigh in on private versus public schools

#JacaBreakfast listeners weigh in on private versus public schools

Private schools are known to have high school fees, but are they really that much better than public schools?


The discussion between attending public and private schools has always been a topic for parents to consider when enrolling their children.

With school fees being the biggest deciding factor, many parents cannot afford to send their children to these schools. 

However, to what extent are private schools better than public schools? 

Martin Bester and Tumi Morake, along with the rest of the #JacaBreakfast team, all attended public schools. However, Tumi's children are attending private school, and Echbert Boezak's are attending a public school. 

We tested both Tumi's son Bonsu and Echbert's daughter Mia with some current affairs questions to try and figure out if there was an advantage to attending a private school? It was too cute!

Many listeners also got involved in the debate and shared their views on public and private schools.

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