Listeners share their thoughts on interracial relationships

Listeners share their thoughts on interracial relationships

One listener opened up and confessed to us about being in an interracial relationship.  

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Are you in an interracial relationship? 

Every Wednesday we allow you, the listener, to open up and confess something to us you have never told anyone else before. Made popular by the Martin Bester Drive, 'Confession Sessions' is back!

Earlier today one listener shared the story that he is currently in an interracial relationship. However, he has been hiding this from his family for the past year. He states that things are "getting very serious now" and cannot keep the news to himself any longer. Afraid of his family's reaction, he has refrained from telling them thus far. 

Breakfast Show host Tumi Morake also shared a story from the past. 

We asked a few listeners to comment and share their thought's on the man's current situation. 

Take a listen: 

As you can hear, many came forward to share their stories of dating outside of their own race. 

Love knows no boundaries! 

Would you date a different race? 

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