Martin and Tumi take working from the bed to a whole new level

Martin and Tumi take working in comfort to a whole new level

Why get out of bed to go to work when you can work from the comfort of your bed? 

image martin tumi broadcast from a bed

We could totally get used to this!

Martin Bester, Tumi Morake and the rest of the #JacaBreakfast team were treated to a broadcast from luxury beds, courtesy of Rochester. 

We were joined by a few of our incredible listeners, who were also treated to a relaxing morning listening to the show from the comfort of their own bed. 

Onesies, breakfast in bed, and soft, puffy bedding made for a fun-filled morning for all. 

Our lucky listeners came dressed up or rather, dressed down in the pajamas, excited for what was to come. 

We even challenged the couples to a round of 'Partner Swop' and it got interesting... 

Why spend three hours in a luxury bed if you can't enjoy it from the comfort of your own home? Our three lucky couples were shocked when they all found out that they would be heading home with their own bed.

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