Martin and Tumi's hilarious 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge

Martin and Tumi's hilarious 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge

Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake went head-to-head in a 'Try Not To Laugh' challenge - and we couldn't stop laughing!

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We have all heard those lame jokes that don't seem to tickle our funny bones, right? 

Well, use those same jokes in a challenge when you're sitting across from someone who is trying not to laugh and it's a whole different ball game!

With Tumi being a comedienne, Martin was somewhat nervous to go up against one of South Africa's leading funny ladies. Nevertheless, he came prepared! 

How does the challenge work? Well, two people go up against each other, each taking turns to tell the other person a joke. The aim of the game is for the other person to not laugh at your jokes.

Naturally, there's a point system that decides a winner. The person with the lowest score wins. 

Warning: This video contains extremely cringe-worthy jokes! 

You're still laughing, right?

Go on, try this with one of your friends this weekend!

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