Martin Bester gets schooled by his high school teacher

Martin Bester gets schooled by his high school teacher

Liesl Laurie surprised Breakfast Show host Martin Bester with some 'schooling' from his former English teacher at Hoërskool Framesby.

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School is in session, Martin Bester!

Ever heard the term 'teacher's pet'? Probably. Would you have ever said that traffic presenter Liesl Laurie was a teacher's pet? Probably.

Well, after Martin Bester found out that Liesl was the favourite student, Bester was convinced there had to be some 'dirt' he could dig up on her. 

Mr van der Merwe, a teacher from Laurie's high school - Silver Oaks, spoke to them about her behaviour at school and it's definitely not what Martin was hoping to find out...

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Naturally, Liesl could not allow Martin to have all the fun.

She managed to find Martin's highly-esteemed English teacher, Mr Saunders. 

Matriculating from Hoërskool Framesby in Port Elizabeth, some of Bester's fondest memories were from the classroom during English.

'Tinky' and 'Teeny-Bopper' were among some of the nicknames given to Bester during his time in high school. How embarrassing! 

Apart from being involved in the school choir and an active sports enthusiast, Saunders made it clear that Martin was a good scholar. 

"You couldn't help liking him, even when he was naughty," says Saunders. 

Seeing that Martin's career involves talking to over one million listeners every morning, Laurie and Saunders just couldn't resist putting him on the spot one more time...

Do you have a fond memory while being in high school?

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