Martin Bester's chickens are so spoilt!

Martin Bester's chickens are so spoilt!

It's clearly 'International Love Your Pet Day' every day for Martin Bester's chickens...

Martin Bester chicken image
Martin Bester: Facebook

Talk about being spoilt!

If you have pets or are a lover of pets, you would know that today is 'International Love Your Pet Day'.

It is a day where many take to social media to share pictures of their furry friends, or in Martin Bester's case, his cheese-loving chickens. 

No, this is not a joke. Bester's hens are not only fed some of the best grain around, but also enjoy their daily treat - cheese. 

Do you think they would like some fresh rye bread and lettuce with that? Probably!

What do you do to spoil your pets?

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