Martin Bester's list of peculiar jobs to consider in 2018

Martin Bester's list of peculiar jobs to consider in 2018

Struggling to find a job? Have you been looking everywhere yet nothing tickles your fancy? This list might just give you an idea of what you could be doing this year.

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Martin Bester to the rescue! 

Christmas may have come and gone, but Breakfast Show host Martin is here to pull out his bag of gifts and dish out some help when it comes to you finding a new job in 2018.

With professions ever-changing and the advances in technology, there are far more opportunities available in this day and age for you to consider. Many of these new careers weren't around a few years ago, but they have quickly become the go-to options. 

Bester has come up with a list of jobs you can consider trying out this year, and who knows, you might just find your dream career?

1. Travel Assistant - A person who accompanies you on local or international trips. The assistant is hired to keep you company and explore the sights and sounds of your trip with you. 

2. Vegan Butcher - Ethan Brown set a world record last year. His veggie burger was so realistic it actually 'bleeds'. It was the first plant-based product to be sold behind the meat counter in a supermarket. How cool?

3. Professional Activist - An individual who specialises in helping fledgling social movements get off the ground. 

4. Compost Collector - Companies like Compost Cab in Washington, D.C., Collective Resource in Chicago, and Compost Crusader in Milwaukee will turn residents’ organic waste into dirt for farmers, community gardens, and customers’ own gardens.

5. YouTube Sex-Ed Teacher - An individual who shares stories of sexually transmitted diseases and orientations of sex. Naturally, being a teacher, this individual also offers advice to others on how to deal with sexual pressures, dealing with sexually transmitted diseases, and questions about sex. 

We asked our listeners to share the jobs that they have come across while browsing the net. 

Let's just say they are very interesting...

Have you spotted a weird or unusual job that made you look twice? Let us know below.

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