Is personal hygiene important to you?

Is personal hygiene important to you?

Residents in Cape Town have been facing high water restrictions and recently Helen Zille said that she only showers twice a week.

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Water restrictions in Cape Town have become a serious issue for many. 

Johannesburg residents have also had their fair share of water restrictions, but nothing close to that of the Mother City. 

After reports emerged stating that Helen Zille was using too much water, many eyebrows were raised. It was claimed she had gone nearly 200 liters over the water usage targets of 87 liters per day, with her family using an excessive amount over July and August.

She has since hit back at the reports and stated that she showers briefly "once every three days". 

She further said that: "I used to wash my hair every day. But now only when I shower, with visibly negative consequences. However, I regard oily hair in a drought to be as much of a status symbol as a dusty car."

Right now you may be pulling your face in disgust, but the water restrictions are no joke, and Zille is clearly leading by example. 

Martin and Tumi asked our listeners if they would be willing to shower only twice a week:

Are you willing to only shower twice a week to save water?

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