This remix of Toto's 'Africa' will make your week!

This remix of Toto's 'Africa' will make your week!

The start of a new week can be rough, but this remix of Toto's 'Africa' will definitely make you smile.

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Did the Monday blues have you struggling to get out of bed this morning? Were you dreading getting up and ready for work?

Well, we stumbled upon one of the best remixes of the classic hit 'Africa' by Toto, which is sure to change your Monday mood.

Australian DJ and musician Jesse Bloch has taken one of the biggest songs and reworked it, giving it the touch that every party animal has been longing for.

The classic has been given a deep base that drops into a heavy thump, fast synths, and visuals that are simply hilarious!

Watch the awesome remix below:

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