Social Experiment: Does your family 'soen-groet'?

Social Experiment: Does your family 'soen-groet'?

Are there certain members in your family who love to kiss on the lips when greeting?

image martin kissing people

Do you enjoy being greeted with a kiss on the lips? 

Some might find it personal or see it as someone invading their space a bit too much, but for many it's a way of greeting others. 

If you are not a fan of someone greeting you with a kiss on the lips, how do you handle the situation when it happens? More so, how do you prevent it from happening without making the other person feel 'touched' by your rejection?

With all these tough questions we need to ask ourselves, it makes sense when many just go with the flow and kiss back, because let's face it, it's a lot easier than dealing with the 'drama'. 

Martin decided to set up his own social experiment to test whether or not people love to greet by kissing others on the lips. We hid a few cameras in the studio and the result will leave you in stitches! 

Watch the hilarious video below:

How's that kiss back from Liesl Laurie? She was totally in on the gag! 

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