Undertaker uncovers the misconceptions about funeral homes

Undertaker uncovers the misconceptions about funeral homes

Martin and Tumi spoke to an undertaker about everything you have always wanted to know about funerals and funeral homes.

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Death is something every human being and living creature will have to face one day in their lives. 

Film, television shows and fiction novels have over the years conditioned us to become more accepting of death. If you have ever lost a family member or friend, you would know that dealing with someone's death can be an extremely tough part of one's life. 

As much as we all regret the death of a loved one, death is a business.

Funeral homes are often used to plan and organise someone's burial and they can easily be very costly. 

However, there are many misconceptions about funeral homes when it comes to coffins, undertaker services, flower arrangements and all those 'bizarre requests'. 

Martin and Tumi spoke to Sonja Smit, an undertaker of a funeral home during their 'Asking for a Friend' feature, who said that "funerals can cost whatever you want it to cost". 

She also revealed that "there are a lot of emotions around funerals" and that many aren't financially prepared for the death of a loved one.

Listen to the captivating interview below:

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