Violent road rage brings highway traffic to a halt

Violent road rage brings highway traffic to a halt

Did the one guy just hit the other with a flip flop? 

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Ever seen a road rage act that involves someone being thrown over the side barrier of a high and then get slapped by a slop?

Probably not, right? Well, two men landed themselves in a brawl that literally stopped traffic. 

A bizarre road rage brawl saw two half-naked men fighting during highway traffic. Mobile phone footage recorded the lorry driver and a motorists clashing in heavy traffic in Sochi, in south west Russia.

They can be seen squaring up to each other, with the car driver body slamming his opponent on the ground using what looks like MMA grappling skills.

Ignoring the pleas of a woman trying to break them apart, they continue to swing punches and kung-fu style kicks.

There have been many road rage incidents in the past, but this one is definitely something we have never seen before. 

Have you ever been inlvoved in a road rage incident? 

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