What do you love most about Madiba?

What do you love most about Madiba?

Martin and Tumi spoke to a child about what they love most about the late Nelson Mandela.

Flickr / PROLeStudio1 / MandelaDay
Flickr / PROLeStudio1

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the death of African freedom icon and former South African President Nelson Mandela. 

A leader, icon, and all-round inspiration to many, Nelson Mandela passed away at his Houghton home on December 5, 2013.

Martin and Tumi remembered the late Madiba earlier today and one young listener shared what he loves most about the icon. 

To celebrate the icon, Breakfast Show host Tumi Morake shared a few interesting facts about Nelson Mandela that you probbaly did not even know... 

What do you love most about Madiba? 

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