What is the most annoying song of all time?

What is the most annoying song of all time?

Do you remember dancing along to these tunes?

image crazy frog 12 years strong

The music production, lyrics, and melody of current songs you hear on the radio are a far cry from some tunes of the past. 

Remember the 'Crazy Frog' song? Axel F took over pretty much every household, radio station, and music device with his infectious song. 

You may say it's one of the most annoying songs ever made, but you have to agree that it had many around the world jamming along?

This song probably takes you way back, back to a few times you probably do not wish to remember? Oops!

It's been twelve years since the release of the 'Crazy Frog' song, so we simply had to celebrate it!

If that wasn't enough to annoy us all for a very long time, the 'Hampsterdance Song' was another track that made our ears bleed!

However, we have to admit it got us grooving in many different, weird ways for a long time.

What is the one song you simply can't stand? Let us know below.

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