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Rikus de Beer reveals the five different characters at a braai

Braais in South Africa are synonymous with weekends, sunshine, and rugby.

Martin Bester and Rikus de Beer
Martin Bester and Rikus de Beer/Twitter

We absolutely cannot wait for the December break. It means sunny summer days, umbrellas, friends, family, and, of course, braais!

What characters do you find at a braai? We all know the garlic roll thief, the person who brings meat that isn’t marinated or the person who brings a potato salad with eggs in, right? 

Rikus de Beer of RadioRaps fame joins Breakfast with Martin Bester to discuss the different people at a braai and we will surely recognise ourselves in one of them! 

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1. The potato salad aunt

2. The chicken that isn't marinated guest

3. The garlic roll thief

4. The parents who have undisciplined children

5. The overdressed guy

Do you have any to add to the list?

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