The 942’s step into the studio to record their debut single

The 942’s step into the studio to record their debut single

South Africa’s youngest rock band is recording their debut single - and the excitement is real!

Lisa live recording
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Mentored by Martin Bester himself, the band has grown so much and we cannot wait to see what they will get up to in 2021!  

Martin Bester said: “I was looking for the coolest and most talented kids' band and I think we found them. We are going to release their first single and music video. There’s definitely going to be a tour. It’s going to look a bit different but we’ll work within the framework and regulations.”

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The 942’s have a few highlights under their belt already, including performing live on the biggest Breakfast show, a performance on television, and now we’re waiting in anticipation for their debut single. 

Martin Bester said Lisa, Angelo, Dominic, and Ruan are hard at work in the studio to bring us their first original song in 2021! 

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Stay tuned for a sneak peak of the single soon! 

Angelo in studio
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Dominic in studio
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Ruan in studio
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