Adele's boyfriend sits next to her ex-husband during performance

Adele's boyfriend sits next to her ex-husband during performance

Adele explained why it has been easy maintaining a good relationship with her ex-husband!

Image credit: YouTube/Adele (I Drink Wine music video)

Adele is setting a good example for all on co-parenting and maintaining good relationships with exes. 

Over the past weekend, Adele performed at London's Hyde Park in her first public performance in five years.

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The performance made headlines all over the world and now a new picture that surfaced from the performance has caught fans' attention. In the photo, the Grammy winner's ex-husband, Simon Konecki, and her current boyfriend, Rich Paul, are seen sitting next to each other while watching her perform. 

News outlets and fans have commended the pop singer and the two men for their mature approach to co-parenting and getting along. 

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In a podcast interview with 'Desert Island Discs', the 'Easy On Me' singer explained why there is no drama between her and her ex-husband and the ease of their current relationship. 

"It was never really tricky because we are such good friends and over my dead body is my kid having like, a messy divorce in his life," the singer explained. 

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