Afrikaans superstar Janie Bay stuns with Annie Lennox cover on Friday Live

Afrikaans superstar Janie Bay stuns with Annie Lennox cover on Friday Live

Janie Bay is a SAMA-nominated star and her music has been streamed over six-million times!

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Source: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester

Janie Bay’s long-awaited new album, 'Prisma', is out! The album deals with love, passion, loss, and encouragement. If you’re a fan of Janie Bay or a new listener, you can expect musical textures like emotive ballads, light-hearted pop, and collaborations we didn’t know we needed to hear.

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Hits like ‘Ek Glo Nog In Jou’ with Danie Reënwolf, ‘My Lief’ featuring Majozi and Early B, and a version of a Fokofpolisiekar song are some of her hits to date!

The musician joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Friday Live and wowed everyone with her cover of Annie Lennox’s 'Little Bird'.

Watch Janie Bay's Friday Live performance below. 

Janie Bay says: “I felt closer to people during the making of this album. The songs are personal, but also an expression of what we are going through as a collective, and I hope that everyone that listens will enjoy it.”

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'My Lief' is one of the tracks on Janie Bay's brand new album, 'Prisma', released by Warner Music South Africa on 18 June 2021. 'My Lief' is available on all popular digital platforms.

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