After a decade and R43-million, Ivory Park is getting a new swimming pool!

After a decade and R43-million, Ivory Park is getting a new swimming pool!

A community swimming pool in Ivory Park, Midrand is nearing completion 10 years after it was first announced!

Ivory Park Swimming Pool
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In 2012, it was announced that Ivory Park community members would be getting a new swimming pool. 

This was part of a community development project within the City of Johannesburg's medium-term revenue and expenditure budget. 

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It is almost a decade later and, finally, the community development project is said to be completed. In 2019, the project was taken over by the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDE) and they have now confirmed that "the project has reached practical completion".

Construction of the community swimming pool came to halt in 2018 after R14-million of the R20-million budget had already been spent. 

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According to Business Insider, the JDA was allocated a budget of R42-million to complete the facility.

The swimming pool complex is said to include an Olympic-style swimming pool, splash pool, and a pavilion. 

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Screenshot


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