AKA surprises Tresor on Breakfast with Martin Bester

AKA surprises Tresor on Breakfast with Martin Bester

AKA listened to Breakfast with Martin Bester and surprised Tresor with a heartwarming message.

Tresor and AKA/Facebook
Tresor and AKA/Facebook

AKA is a South African hip hop artist, father and businessman, and all-around talented guy. 

Old friends, AKA and Tresor are teaming up again to release the much anticipated “Electric Night” from Tresor’s third album, Nostalgia. They take us back to the ’80s with the song and we love it!

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Tresor says, ‘This new song with AKA will remind you of the bubble gum era. I’m really excited about how this song came about.’

AKA surprised Tresor on Breakfast this morning and Tresor had no idea!

Although it was very early for AKA, he was still excited to talk about his friend in music, I’m a huge fan of this guy (Tresor). I just want to say congratulations with the album. Tresor’s sound is so unique. He is one of the most humble and hardworking people in the industry.’

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Martin Bester used the opportunity to invite AKA to Friday Live on Breakfast and he said yes. We absolutely cannot wait!

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