American superstar Miley Cyrus just dropped her brand new album

American superstar Miley Cyrus just dropped her brand new album

American superstar Miley Cyrus' 'Endless Summer Vacation' is here! The album just dropped and we're freaking out!

Instagram/ Screenshot - Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' eighth studio album, 'Endless Summer Vacation', was officially released at midnight on Friday, March 10. 

The new album promises to have great success after the singer's latest single, 'Flowers', dominated the charts and broke records.

On Miley's new music video

The much-anticipated album was released alongside the official music video for Cyrus' new song, 'River'.

In a new teaser video for the singer's 'Backyard Sessions' Disney+ special (more on that later), she shared a few details about the new music video - and let's just say "it's nasty". 

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Miley talks about how the song is about a time in her life when she was going through a lot of emotions. Later, the singer gets frank and says "they" don't want her to be honest about the true meaning of the song. 

"It's f... nasty. It's nasty," the 'Flowers' singer says at the end of the video. 

More on Miley's new album 

'Endless Summer Vacation' is said to be the singer's "love letter to Los Angeles". 

“When it comes to the sequencing in Endless Summer Vacation, I divided it in in two parts; AM and PM .... The AM is representing the morning time where there is a buzz and energy and potential for new possibilities – it’s a new day. In the night time it feels like a slinky seediness and kind of a grime but a glamour at the same time," she wrote in an Instagram post. 

The star continued, saying: “It is a time for rest and recovery. Or it is a time to go out and experience the wild side. In LA there is a certain energy where you can feel trouble boil up to the surface and it is very exciting to me.”

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The 13-track album includes song titles like ‘Jaded’, ‘Rose Colored Lenses’, ‘You’, ‘Handstand’, ‘Violet Chemistry’, ‘Wildcard‘, ‘Wonder Woman’, and, of course, the singer's chart-topping single, ‘Flowers’.

Fans are also excited as the tracklist includes two surprise collabs with Sia (on 'Muddy Feet') and Brandi Carlile (on 'Thousand Miles').

The singer is also releasing a Disney+ special

The singer announced on Friday that she will be teaming up with Disney+ for a new concert special. 

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'Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)' will see her perform her hit single 'Flowers', plus seven other songs from her upcoming album, 'Endless Summer Vacation,' for the latest instalment of her 'Backyard Sessions'.

The special premieres on 10 March at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, the same day as the release of her new album. 

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