Archive clip from 1989 shows what a home in 2020 would look like

Archive clip from 1989 shows what a home in 2020 would look like

An archive clip from the BBC show 'Tomorrow's World' made the rounds online this week - and we reveal how correct they were with their predictions.

What 2020 would be like
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It would be great to see into the future, right? Well, a BBC TV show did!

Thirty years ago, the world was a very different place. We had no internet or smartphones!

Back in 1989, the BBC aired a show in which an expert envisioned how the homes of Brits would look in the year 2020.

Some of the predictions were hilarious, including windows that can "turn into walls".

In the clip, the presenters spoke to technology forecaster Christine MacNulty, CEO of Applied Futures.

MacNulty confirmed that people will have homes that work for them. 

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MacNulty said that lights will go on and off automatically if you walk into a room. MacNulty was definitely right about that, however, Elma Smit and Carla Mackenzie agreed that it doesn't always work as it should. 

The technology forecaster admitted that plug points wouldn't be visible in homes - which is not true. 

"Plugs are still a big disaster. Everything is so cluttered and it looks so ugly," Martin Bester said.

It was also predicted that you would be able to play your favourite music by yelling a command – much like you can today through smartphones and speakers.


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What did you think 2020 would be like? 

Let Martin Bester know!

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