Jacaranda FM's parking lot has a name!

Jacaranda FM's parking lot has a name!

If you are, you could be in for a big surprise!

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Breakfast with Martin Bester

With all the name changes happening around South Africa we want to do a few name changes of our own. 

Martin Bester thought even though we don’t have much of a say over the changing of the Cape Town International airport, we can rename our Jacaranda FM carpark after you.

What makes you the most loyal fan of Breakfast with Martin Bester? After much deliberation, voice notes and suggestions from you, you can take the poll to decide who the Jacaranda FM parking lot should be named after:

Earlier this week many suggestions came through.

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We also asked you what you think Cape Town International airport should be renamed to and you had a few very interesting suggestions.

Many made their vote on the @JacaBreakfast Twitter poll:

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