VIDEO: Bon Jovi release new holiday song, 'Christmas Isn't Christmas'

VIDEO: Bon Jovi release new holiday song, 'Christmas Isn't Christmas'

Christmas is approaching, and it seems everyone is already feeling the holiday spirit...

Bon Jovi releases new holiday song 'Christmas Isn't Christmas'
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American rock band Bon Jovi have given us a new tune to enjoy this Christmas.

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The band just released their new song, 'Christmas Isn't Christmas', which shares the sentiment that the holidays are not the same if a loved one isn't there. 

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"'Christmas Isn't Christmas' is a song that I wrote about family," frontman Jon Bon Jovi says. 

"The sentiment that Christmas really isn't Christmas without YOU which can bring up a lot of memories for people. I also liked to turn it around and know that because of you Christmas IS Christmas." 

Jon Bon Jovi explained in an Instagram post that he wrote the song two years ago on a "tough" day when both his parents fell ill.

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"I wrote this as a gift to my parents and my children."

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