Boys protest school uniform policy by wearing skirts

Boys protest school uniform policy by wearing skirts

As temperatures rose, these boys felt that forcing them to wear long pants was unfair.

Boy in skirt going to school
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A group of boys wore skirts to school during a heatwave to protest their school’s “no shorts” policy.

The pupils said they felt the strain while wearing “sweltering” uniform black trousers, as temperatures reached the high twenties. 

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Seeing as they weren’t allowed to wear shorts, the boys opted for skirts, which form part of the school uniform, to stay cool during the day. 

According to BBC News, Oscar Ralph, 13, who goes to Ysgol Bro Dinefwr (a school in Wales), borrowed his sister’s grey skirt. 

He admitted that it was much more comfortable than the trousers and no one seemed to have minded the skirt. 

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A few other boys followed the same idea, and although this was meant as "fun and jokes", the boys wish this would prompt a rule change at the school. 

BBC News reported that the school is currently "monitoring" the situation as the hot weather continues.

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