Brave Alexandra hero rewarded after saving a child

Brave Alexandra hero rewarded after saving a child

A video was widely spread across South Africa of a man saving a child in Alexandra.

Alexandra flood hero
Alexandra flood hero/Twitter

A video shared by thousands showed the man balancing himself on a pipe which crosses the Jukskei River to reach the child. The strong current and the flood waters made it an incredibly scary experience. 

The man has since been identified as Vincent Cosa.

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Onlookers urged the man on, and people can be seen clapping and cheering when Vincent and the child reach land.

Yaseem Theba spoke to Breakfast with Martin Bester about the brave young man. He said Vincent Cosa told him his instincts kicked in. "We first got to hear about the story when it went viral. There are so many of these stories. If we don’t recognise these stories, we don't encourage active citizens. These are the things we need to expose and honour these people."

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The man is indeed brave and was rewarded for his bravery with a cash donation from Yaseem Theba and his team. 

Well done, Vincent! You are a true hero!

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