Breakfast with Martin Bester hosts the ultimate 90’s themed party

Breakfast with Martin Bester hosts the ultimate 90's themed party

It was the party of the year on Breakfast with Martin Bester. 

The team 90s
Source: Jacaranda FM

To be transported to another era through music is truly magical. That is exactly what happened on Breakfast with Martin Bester on Thursday morning. 

Breakfast with Martin Bester hosted the ultimate 90’s party and it was legendary. Rock legend Barney Simon and Alex Jay did guest DJ appearances and shared stories of their musical journeys. 

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Pop, hip hop, and alternative rock were some of the popular genres and artists and bands like Nirvana, The Spice Girls, Hansen, R.E.M, Britney Spears, and Oasis filled dancefloors!  

We played all that and more on Breakfast with Martin Bester. Take a look at the highlights from the show below.

Martin Bester, Liesl Laurie, and Elma Smit dressed up as 90's stars and they pulled it off, don't you think? 

breakfast 90s party
Source: Jacaranda FM (Wesley Rhode)
Alex and barney simon
Source: Jacaranda FM (Wesley Rhode)

Breakfast with Martin Bester 90's track list

The Backstreet Boys – I Want it that way

The Rembrandts – I’ll be there for you

Los Del Rio – Macarena 

Janet Jackson – Together Again

The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

TLC No Scrubs


Venga Boys – Up and down

Faithless – Insomnia

Live – Lighting crashers 

Greenday – When I come around

Urge Overkill – Girl, You’ll be a woman soon 

Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit

Picture credits: Jacaranda FM

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