Breakfast with Martin Bester presents: Get up and dance!

Breakfast with Martin Bester presents: Get up and dance!

Are you the partygoer that rushes onto the dance floor as soon as your favourite song starts playing? 

Belinda and Grant Breakfast
Source: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester

You may be the life of the party, but there are many people who absolutely refuse to dance, claiming that they loathe it!  

Martin Bester thought it would be a good idea to find a listener who never dances and then finding a song guaranteed to get them up and on the dance floor.  

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Belinda Webster and her husband Grant joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Thursday morning. Belinda said that she "does not do dancing" and insisted she would NOT dance ahead of the broadcast.  

Let’s see if we can change her mind!  

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We also invited one of the best dancers in South Africa, Tarryn Alberts, to the show. She is a street dancer from Eldorado Park who will teach the couple a few new dance moves!  

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Image credit: Jacaranda FM/Breakfast with Martin Bester 

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