Breakfast with Martin Bester’s phone call etiquette

Breakfast with Martin Bester’s phone call etiquette

Here is a complete list of the do's and don’ts when it comes to making phone calls.

Breakfast with Martin Bester’s phone call etiquette

Phone calls have been around for about 147 years, according to The Washington Post, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that how we make phone calls is bound to change. 

You might think to yourself, "It's just a phone call", but what if we told you there is a whole list of phone call etiquette that you might not have known about?

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In today’s age, people take their personal space, mental health, and self-care more seriously than ever, and this has led to certain etiquette practices when it comes to making a phone call.

Here is the complete list of phone etiquette practices that you might want to consider: 

Don’t leave a voice mail 

Voice mails came before the days of text messages. If you have information that needs to be communicated in an accurate, timely manner, rather put it in writing as a text or email.

Text before calling

Calling someone without warning can feel stressful to the recipient. Instead, text them before you call to ask if they’re free to talk. This is also based on how well you know the person, of course. 

You don’t need to answer the phone

Just because someone calls you out of the blue does not mean you must pick up. If you’re in a restaurant, using the bathroom or just not in the mood, mute the call and get back to them at a convenient time. 

Emotions are for voice, facts are for text

Anything requiring things like opinions or emotional matters are best done over the phone. This includes arguments, catching up or connecting on a personal level. Factual updates, managing plans, or anything based on facts often work best in writing.

Unless it’s an emergency, please hold 

If someone doesn’t answer your call, do not hang up and immediately call them again. If it's an emergency, clearly state that immediately in a text message. 

Stay still for video calls

Firstly, make sure that your full face fills the screen, not just your forehead and nose. Secondly, stay still during the call. If you want to wander around and do chores while talking, switch to a voice call. 

Don’t use speakerphone in public

Whether it’s a regular call, video call or smartwatch call, use headphones or save it for later. If you’re in a crowded area, like an office or store, be aware of other people’s personal space and your own volume.

Don’t stop talking on the phone

Phone calls aren’t dead! While making a phone call may be less common or involve more planning than it used to, it’s still an excellent way to communicate. Talking to a person in real time can strengthen relationships, improve mental health, and lessen loneliness.

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