Friday Live: Relive TikTok star Jamie Fine's first-ever live performance in SA

Friday Live: Relive TikTok star Jamie Fine's first-ever live performance in SA

Canadian singer Jamie Fine joined Martin Bester and the Breakfast for the first time on Friday Live.

Jamie Fine and Martin
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The ‘If Anything’s Left’ hitmaker joined Breakfast with Martin Bester for Friday Live during her visit to South Africa.

Fine will also be performing this weekend at the Beef Stock Rock Fest in Hartbeespoort. 

Beef Stock Rock Fest

Jamie Fine’s music might be the only thing that’s as lively as her personality. A proud open book, the Ottawa-born singer, songwriter, and artist is smart, talented, hilarious, and, most of all, honest.

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She’s the kind of dynamic presence who inspires the rest of us to be a little bit louder, a tad more fearless, and just better all around.

Now, she properly introduces herself with a series of singles and her forthcoming debut EP for Universal Music Canada.

“My music isn't linear because I’m not linear,” she says. “I am extremely happy at times, and very sad at others. I feel the most in the extremes and I can be very unsatisfied and uninspired in the middle. I go through phases of wanting to stay at home with my dog and my girlfriend and other phases of wanting to go out every night. My music is a direct extension of all of that. It’s sometimes happy and sometimes sad - sometimes fun and light and sometimes darker and more complex. But one thing that all of it is consistently, is unfiltered and transparent.”

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Here is Fine's new single 'There You Go':

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